Dreamchaser: A Game of Destiny (RPG)

Created by Pete Petrusha (Imagining Games)

Dreamchaser: A Game of Destiny (RPG)
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Just imagine all that we can achieve together... Unleash your creativity and imagine the story YOU want to experience! Chase your dreams aloud with friends and family. Find YOUR strategy for success. Experience collaborative storytelling! Experience a game fueled by your imagination! Experience a Game of Destiny! Fits in your schedule! Play on the fly! Introduce new players with ease! Easy to Game Master! Create Stories, Create Characters, Create Memories!

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$14,414.00 / 309 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: August 2017
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The Pretend Box (Premium Version)
Everything you could want to make the most of your Dreamchaser experience and all in one box! Onc... more »
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Dreamchaser (Hardcover) with PDF
Unleash your creativity and imagine the game YOU want to play! The Dreamchaser Hardcover is a... more »
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Dreamchaser (Softcover) with PDF
Unleash your creativity and imagine the game YOU want to play! The Dreamchaser Softcover is a... more »
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Dream Well (11x17) Print w/Pond of the Goddess
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RomCom PDF Supplement by Tobie Abad
RomCom by Tobie Abad: A brief PDF supplement full of example Dreams, Milestones, Tags, Strategies... more »
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Cyberpunked! PDF Supplement by Ryan Schoon
Cyberpunked! by Ryan Schoon: A brief PDF supplement full of example Dreams, Milestones, Tags, Str... more »
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Early Access Playtest Kit (PDF)
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Retailers: Order Before Distribution Email
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Fold Out Dream Map
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Game Master Screen
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Pete's Sample Dreams
Want Dreams or Milestones straight from the Dream Captain?
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Backer Inspired Bookmark
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Pad of Character Sheets
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Pad of Game Master Sheets
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Chase Your Dreams Slapband (Bracelet)
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Dreamchaser Perfect Dice
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Learn About Our Project:

 Imagine your perfect game experience...

  • What would you experience? 
  • What would you achieve? 
  • Who would you share it with?


"Thank you for running a game so fun I forgot I was playtesting. Can't wait to see where it goes from here!"—Jason Tocci, Playtester, Metatopia

This campaign is to fund the production of Dreamchaser: A Game of Destiny. With your help, we can deliver a tabletop roleplaying game that rewards imagination—rewards creativity.  A game that empowers players to immerse themselves into their own desires, their own fantasies. A game that doesn't tell you what you are playing, you tell it what you want to play. Dreamchaser adapts to you!

What's your dream? 

Check out the Testimonials!

Listen to Actual Plays and Interviews with Fear the Boot, Our Personal Interests, The RPG Academy, and We Hate Bards!

Glance at the Kickstarter Recap in the February Dreamchaser Newsletter!


$15,000: RomCom by Tobie Abad: A brief PDF supplement full of example dreams, milestones, tags, skills, abilities, relationships, and belongings. Examples of everything you could want to make your own cinematic Romantic Comedy characters and adventures! Includes dream mapped adventure plans and sample characters to play them out! Laugh, cry, and act the fool with RomCom! 


Cyberpunked! by Ryan Schoon: A brief PDF supplement full of example dreams, milestones, tags, skills, abilities, relationships, and belongings. Examples of everything you could want to make your own high tech low life characters and adventures! Includes dream mapped adventure plans and sample characters to play them out! Survive the streets of the future with attitude, make your game Cyberpunked!

$16,000: Black & Teal Pair of Ten Sided Dice added to every order of $24 or more.

$20,000: Pete will personalize every print order, including a notecard with a sample dream. Please don't make me do this...


"Given my line of work, a game that promotes dreams, goals, and miracles is a must have in my collection."—Dr. Brian Quinones, LPC, Child and Adolescent in Home Mental Health Therapist, Our Personal Interests Podcast

Imagine your ideal story—your dream. 

  • What would you experience? 
  • What would you achieve? 
  • Who would be there with you? Your friends? Your family? 

Now, you can have it all. 

Work together to create a mutual goal for your game. Pitch ideas to one another and choose what best fits your mood. Don't worry about how the story will work or why it's a good idea, just pitch ideas. The Game Master can make it work. 

Example Dreams: Find my Lost Sister, Find the Source of the Mysterious Light, Survive the Labyrinth, Inspire a Stranger, Record a Joyous Revelation, Having my "Ah ha" Moment, Throwing a Wrap Party, Lay my Sister's Ghost to Rest, Learn the Secret of the Haunted House, Get in Contact with the Others, Learn to Fight, Gain Control of my Visions, Save my Parents from Financial Ruin, Defend the Pass, Live in a World Without Fear, Be a Good Dad, Interpret the Transmission, Find Out What it Means to be Human, Awaken the Magic of the Earth, Lead a Pirate Army, Build an Ark, Disgrace my Enemy, Steal the Wraith King's Power, Get a Unanimous Vote from the U.N., Set up my Family before I go, Escape to Paradise, Stop a Serial Killer, Solve the Unclosed Case, Quit the Biz and Walk away, Find your way Home, Free an Innocent Man, Be the Hero the City Needs, Cure Cancer, Write a New York Times Bestseller, Run the Mob, Return the Rightful King, Find your Lost Love, The Perfect Magic Trick, Seal Away a Dark Evil....and so many more! 

With a goal in mind, we can begin to imagine the characters in that story. Imagining the characters begins to paint a picture of where that story takes place. We let the game grow skin and color organically. 

Each game is a story about destiny. The first thing players do is create a destiny for their game. Pay no mind to setting, no task is too great or too insignificant. Don't compromise your dreams! Pitch a dream that you want to experience and let the players vote. 

As players, we build in desired experiences that must occur for our characters. These aren't the only experiences you'll have vicariously, but they are the ones you get to choose from the get go. They become character milestones and significant story beats in the pursuit of our dream. The number of these milestones you add to your game, lengthen the game. 

Like destiny, we have a place to be, a feat to achieve, or a purpose. How and why become our story—our adventure.

What was the Last Movie Trailer You Saw?

  • Did it give you just enough to know what the movie was about, but leave you wanting for more?
  • Did it sell you on dramatic scenes of action, intrigue, or comedy? 

These are all just experiences for you to have in that movie—in that story. How is this any different? 

Imagine the trailer of experiences for your own story, then live out your own movie!


"Dreamchaser undersells itself; the fine line it treads between letting the players write the story (not just parts, the story itself) while still being able to experience it authentically is something I haven't seen before."—Jim Dagg, Game Designer

Have you ever:

  • played a game that wasn't about what you wanted to play?
  • played a game that didn't have time for your story?  
  • missed a character moment you wanted to experience?  

Take back creative control! 

In Dreamchaser, players not only imagine a dream, they imagine character milestones along the way. Each milestone represents an experience the player wants from their character in their story. From the start, the players dictate the experiences that must happen—the moments they want in their game—the moments they want for their characters. These experiences are ordered into a sequence by the players. This sequence of milestones creates a road map to destiny. I call it the Dream Map.

How long is a Dreamchaser game?

The length of the game is determined by how many milestones each player starts with. Start with one milestone per character for a one or two session game. Imagine three or more milestones per character and create an epic, a series, or a long adventure. 


The End in Mind

"Dreamchaser cuts out the excess that bogs down other roleplaying games and gets to the core of what makes roleplaying exciting."—Cris Frank, Director of Human Resources, We Hate Bards Podcast

No more confusion! The Dream Map allows for a game where the players always know what they are working towards, even if their character doesn't. There is no confusion as to what the goal is. Players are always working on getting their characters to the next milestone. How we get there is another story! That's your story. 

Improves pacing! Milestones act as digestible short term goals, chapters, or episodes. Pack a couple into a game session or use them to imagine hooks, seeds, or story beats to dedicate a session towards. 

Achievement: Milestones embed a sense of accomplishment. Each player character is rewarded when we achieve them, so each player has a stake in helping you realize your experience. This also rewards players for accomplishing what they set out to do, not some specific action. Slay a dragon, cure cancer, or catch the eye of soul mate—one goal is not greater than the other. At the heart of it, we reward visualizing a goal and achieving it.

Player Commitment: Having an end in mind might even persuade busy friends and family to give your game a shot. 


Enjoy Being the Game Master

"Dreamchaser is a roleplaying game done right. The system frees the gamemaster to be a champion and fan of the characters and their stories."—Cris Frank, Director of Human Services, We Hate Bards Podcast

A Player Approved Framework: Players create the Dream Map, a guide for what the players want out of their game. They created it, they want to play it, and they are invested in your game. 

Fun Character Creation: Watch as the players collaborate, enjoy in their shared imagination. Listen to the abundance of great ideas and possible stories that emerge. Dream mapping takes 5-15 minutes. Creating characters takes about 20 - 40 minutes, depends how chatty you let them be!. 

Little to No Prep: Approach each game session without worry of preparation. Prepare if you want to, but Dreamchaser may just make your life easy again.

Low Bar for Entry: A simple and elegant rules system using a 1 to 10 scale. Easy to relate to, even for players who don't like math. Guide players through Dream Mapping, Character Creation, and even play without them having to open up a book. A beautiful thing for new players to the hobby, children, or loved ones you want to bring to the fold. 

No Burnout: You get  a new and unique story with each game. It requires no work prior to sitting down to play. Prep more if you want to, but don't feel you need to! Focus on play, the story, and giving players the experience they desire. 

Create Challenges on the Fly: Easily assign stats to enemies or challenging situations with a 1-10 scale. Each challenge is created in relation to the situation and the characters involved.  

Player Visions fill in the Gaps: When the game begins and after each milestone, the GM asks the players two questions. These questions will prompt them to provide you with information on where the story may go and how their characters may approach the problem. The Game Master then decides what to use or to bolster his own notes with. This allows the players to influence the game session, builds a better more interesting story, and gives the Game Master an idea of what they expect. 

Besides, we can't let them decide everything, they might as well write their own story. 


"I love the ease of learning the game, and how simple it is to set up! The game design assists your imagination, but never hinders it in any way. Pete has created my new go-to game!"—Lindsey McCullough, Playtester, Gateway

For Task Resolution...

Every roll in the game is designed to replicate a person's thought process and the vision that comes from it. 

When approached with a problem, how do you respond? 

  • You imagine or reason some kind of a fix—a solution. 
  • You strategize, pulling from the culmination of your skills, abilities, resources, and traits that make you who you are. 

Combine the two to create a solution. Then try it out and see if it pans out the way you imagined. 

In Dreamchaser, we roll two ten sided dice to reflect this. 

  • One die for your Skill or Ability. 
  • One die for your Soul Skill, Imagine or Reason. 

Each roll creates an outcome that moves the story forward. The possible outcomes are a complete success, a success with a catch, or an utter failure. Rolling doubles creates a critical effect of each type that cannot be rerolled. No more boring outcomes! No more repeating meaningless rolls!

  • Succeed on both dice for a total success.  
  • Succeed on only one die for a success with a catch!
  • No successes creates a bad outcome that adds new obstacles or roadblocks. 
Current Version, will go through professional layout with the Dreamchaser book.
Current Version, will go through professional layout with the Dreamchaser book.


Fight your Fight: Imagine a strategy for success. Whether you sword fight, problem solve, or persuade your way through life, you are rewarded for using your strengths. Deal with challenges as you see fit or as the situation demands. No longer are you incentivized by the rules in any one direction. Each challenge is built with a physical, mental, social, or sense of will threshold. Tackle the challenge in a manner that fits your character. 


There is no wrong way to complete a challenge! There is just success— or no. Your character's vision, skills, abilities, health, tags, relationships, and belongings will define your strategy.

Tags: Players describe their characters with tags. Tags are a word or three that describes your character in some way. They describe how you look, act, and get your way in the world. When you fail at a dice check, you can revise your vision using tags. They allow you to reroll as you take another stab at envisioning your solution. Tags can also be used against you! Your character's belief governs the use of tags. 

Tag Vote: As you play the game, the other players watch. As an audience, they can vote new tags on to your character by how you roleplay! How's that for some audience participation? 

Ever find yourself arguing with the TV about how the character on the show would just never do that? 

This is a chance for players to reward good roleplaying and an opportunity for characters to grow. Heck, you might even learn a bit about how you play! It also give the players something to do when they are not in the spotlight.

Believe: Every character in Dreamchaser has a Belief score. It ebbs and flows as you journey through milestones. Belief allows players to take creative control when it is important to them. Achieve milestones and bend the universe to your will.


Add-Ons are in addition to your backer level rewards. Increase your pledge by the appropriate amount to add one! After the Kickstarter is over, you'll be able to select exactly what add-ons you want using Backerkit. You will receive an email update when the Backerkit is ready. 

Purchase $87.50 or more and Pete will run you a game of Dreamchaser! Games will be run at a convention, game store, or online, whatever makes the most sense.

The Add-Ons!

  • A Black & Teal pair of Ten Sided Dice - $3


  •  "Chase your Dreams" Bracelet - $5 
1 inch Slap Band Bracelet
1 inch Slap Band Bracelet


  • Character Sheet Pad or GM Sheet Pad - $10
Actual appearance may vary.
Actual appearance may vary.


  • Game Master Screen - $15
Actual appearance may vary.
Actual appearance may vary.


  •  Dreamchaser Softcover - $18


  •  Fold out Dream Map - $20
Actual appearance may vary.
Actual appearance may vary.


  •  Collector Box -  $20
Same box used in the Pretend Box.
Same box used in the Pretend Box.


  •  Dreamchaser Hardcover - $26




  • Playtester Kit

The Playtester Kit is a digital reward. You get an early (rough) PDF copy of Dreamchaser: A Game of Destiny, the Character Sheet, and Dream Map to begin playing it just after the Kickstarter campaign. You will be invited to a special playtest community to offer feedback and help further improve the game before its release this summer.  

  • Dreamchaser in PDF 
Standard Cover
Standard Cover


  • Dreamchaser in LIMITED EDITION Softcover


  •  Dreamchaser in LIMITED EDITION Hardcover with "Chase your Dreams" Bracelet and pair of Black & Teal d10s. 


  • Pretend Box Set: Includes all the Add-Ons with a LIMITED EDITION Dreamchaser hardcover book. 


  •  Dream Well
Actual appearance may vary. Each likely to be unique.
Actual appearance may vary. Each likely to be unique.


The Dreamchaser book will be beautiful, image laden, and full color throughout.

* Pages will be 5.5 x 8.5 so that you can easily print pages if you need copies. There will be a printer friendly version.

* 100 pages or less, not to deter those who don't like to read or might be turned off by the size and density of many roleplaying game tomes.

* Scuff resistant matte covers to prevent finger prints and scratches. 

* Rough cut page edging on pearly white pages. Peppered with sky blue fonts and black headers.  

* Simple, elegant, and flexible rules that reward player creativity, inspire the imagination, are easy on the GM, and deliver experiences

* A gateway game somewhere between stuffy traditional roleplaying games and completely directorial GMless story games. 

* A game that is inviting with a low bar for entry but a lot to gain. 

* A game that fits the needs of a busy adult life. 

* A game that offers an opportunity to explore all the less common or specific goals you don't get to play. 

* A game where players are on the same page, because they talk about the game they want to play before they play it.  

* An opportunity to explore personal goals or aspirations in a safe environment with friends and family. 

* A game that reinforces visualizing success, goal setting, and chasing your dreams.

I want Dreamchaser to help people! I want it to welcome new players to roleplaying games. I want you to create memories with those you love. Chase your dreams!



Videos, Actual Plays, and Interviews:







Thank you to We Hate Bards, Our Personal Interest, Fear the Boot, and The RPG Academy for helping me share Dreamchaser with the world! 


Thank you to Grandcon, Gateway, Archon, Brigadecon, Metatopia, and Acadecon for giving me the opportunity to playtest Dreamchaser with people otherwise outside my reach.

Thank you to all the playtesters! The game wouldn't be half of what it is without you! I appreciate all the support and feedback that you have given me. 



Pete Petrusha is Imagining Games and so can you! Beneath the banner of Imagining Games, Pete is working to share and grow the hobby he holds dear. Role playing games have been a force of creativity, an exercise in analytical thinking, and an opportunity for self-expression in Pete’s life. Whether you enjoy the teamwork, storytelling, acting, or just the escape from the 9-5—Pete wants to help you find the game for you. Pete is the Game Designer for Dreamchaser and the guiding force behind Imagining Games.  

Carly Petrusha is my constant confidant, president of my fan club "The Peteettes" and love of my life. She crafted the campaign video and is a constant proofreader and sounding board. I couldn't do it without you!  

Jim Dagg has been making games since childhood -- first PC games in QBASIC, then in MegaZeux, then Game Maker. After discovering tabletop RPGs through the classics, and stumbling upon the indie RPG community in 2010, he worked on roleplaying games in fits and starts before finding a voice and a direction in Saddle Shaped Games. He lives in Dayton, Ohio, with a grumpy bearded dragon and his chief playtester (and wife) Heather, who is currently being subjected to Just Got Real, a rules-light, pacing-focused RPG about action stories, and is available in public beta. His first published work is Battle Princess, a game about princesses who protect their kingdom, available for purchase now as part of Two Weeks, a charity microgame bundle benefitting the ACLU. Jim builds exciting games about finding victory in the face of overwhelming adversity, with one guiding philosophy: We're all here to have fun. In deference to that, everything else be damned. Jim is the Assistant Game Developer/Designer for Dreamchaser.

Stretch Goal Writers!

 Maggie Carroll is a freelance writer, editor and indie game developer living on a rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Her body of work includes contributions to games published by Onyx Path, Growling Door and Third Eye Games, and she is currently a student of Graphic Design and commercial printing at CNA. She's sorry she sucks at bios, but she's Canadian and needed to apologize about something in this blurb

Ryan Schoon is a freelance game designer from Indianapolis, IN. He is the lead writer for Edara: A Steampunk Renaissance and works for Modiphius on the Infinity and Star Trek lines. In addition to that, Ryan is hard at work on his new RPG "Gears of Defiance" and the upcoming "Revolutionaries" for Make Believe Games. He spends way too much time playing board games, watching movies, and reading comics.You can follow him on twitter @LoremasterRyan or follow his work at

Tobie Abad is a Manila-based mobile game designer for Indigo-Entertainment Philippines and is also the brains behind TAG Sessions. He's created A Single Moment, and Bad Timing: a Romantic-Comedy Fiasco playset. He has done a lot of freelance writing for various games, including 7th Sea 2nd edition and A World of Dew. He is terrible with faces but loves hearing from people who've actually tried any of the stuff he's written. You can find him on twitter @AllTobieNoShade, support him at, or stay updated on his stuff at


Nathan Paoletta is a graphic artist, game designer and independent publisher hailing from Chicago, IL. He makes bad jokes about pro wrestling on twitter @ndpaoletta, obsesses over The Rockford Files @TwoHundredPod, and has more for you to discover at 

Steve Stark is a Detroit based illustrator and concept artist who specializes in fantasy & sci-fi genres, and he's looking to be hired by you. With each piece he strives for excellence in composition, lighting, rendering, as well as having a diverse set of characters and creatures. He graduated from The College for Creative Studies in 2016 with a Bachelors in Illustration. His most recent achievement was having the honor of his piece "Surprise!" make it into Spectrum 23, an award-winning annual collection of some of the best Fantastical Art in the world. You can find more about him at for more of his art, or contact him directly at 

Pui Che is a fantasy illustrator pursuing various personal & indie projects. Listening to the muses, Pui weaves storytelling into each of his visual works that explores philosophy, spiritual and emotional pursuits. To discover more of Pui's work, please visit

Russell Goh is a digital artist based in Singapore. Currently studying engineering in University, he also has passion in the arts which eventually led him to digital painting with a particular interest in digital landscapes. Russell mainly uses Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos drawing tablet to draw.

Carlos Jobani is an artist born in Barcelona, 1989, specially interested in digital, sci fi, and fantasy art. Also passionate about literature, animation and video creation, he leans towards editorial illustration, concept art and cross media projects.

Vincent Lefevre, better known as Ptitvinc, I am French and from the region ile de France ready to PARIS. I am self-taught and learned the taps like many artists. I'm working on science fiction book covers and I'm starting to create figures for board games and character design for the gaming industry as applibot and HEX MMO TCG!

Daniel Bogni has been working with illustration for 6 years. I've participated in indie games, creating the visual identity, concept of art , tile maps, parallax, and some characters. Currently, I've been doing illustrations as a freelancer: editorial, advertising , art concept and board game.

Filip Storch is a student and digital artist from the Czech Republic. Filip's art has a way of capturing emotions that is simply captivating. See his works at